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Car Service

Is your vehicle suffering from poor fuel efficiency?

Then it is time that you bring in your vehicle for servicing. We, at D.M.H Tyres Ltd., provide efficient and reliable car servicing Wrexham at affordable rates. Our team is adept at handling vehicles of different makes and models.

What's more, you can book a car service with us online on a date of your convenience.

How Can We Help?

We provide two types of car servicing at our facility:

Interim Service

Our experts recommend an interim car service after every 6,000 miles or six months, whichever comes sooner. We will conduct a total of 50 checks during this service.

Some of them are:

  • Engine oil replacement or top up
  • Inspection of brake components
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Anti-freeze level check and top-up
  • Screen washer bottle top-up
  • Tyre pressure and tread depth check
  • Windscreen wipers check
  • Inspection of the head, tail, and brake lights

Full Service

A full car servicing is recommended after every 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes earlier. We conduct a total of 77 checks, which include all that is covered under the interim services. Some of the checks are:

Suspension System Check

When you come to us for full service Wrexham, we thoroughly check the steering and suspension system of your vehicle. The components we check are shock absorbers, ball joints, stabiliser bar, coil springs, etc.

Furthermore, we also check the rack and pinion, recirculating ball, etc.

Engine Check

We inspect the timing belt, radiator, alternator belt, etc., while inspecting your car's engine. Then, based on the condition of the components, we offer OE-grade replacements after taking your consent.

Inspection of Brake Components

Properly functioning brakes ensure optimum driving safety. Therefore, we thoroughly inspect all the components of your vehicle's braking system and provide repair and replacement services where necessary.

Apart from these components, we also check:

  • Air and fuel filter replacement
  • Fuel line check
  • Tyre condition check
  • Exhaust system inspection
  • Number plate check
  • Inspection of headlights, backlights and indicators
  • Inspection of all interior and exterior mirrors and more

Benefits Of Car Servicing

These are the ways how a car servicing benefits your vehicle:

  • Improves your overall driving experience
  • Enhances the resale value of your vehicle
  • Increases the chances of your car passing the MOT test
  • Improves your car's mileage
  • Makes way for a safe driving experience

Why Choose Us?

We are a reputed automotive centre serving Wrexham and the surrounding areas. Our professionals have years of experience in the automotive sector and use the latest cutting-edge tools and techniques.


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