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Exhaust Repair

Is your vehicle’s MOT check nearing?

Then opt for an exhaust service Wrexham before the next M.O.T. test to ensure your car clears the assessment at its first go!

D.M.H. Tyres Ltd. offers exceptional exhaust repair and replacement services in and around Wrexham at cost-effective rates.

If you encounter any of the following symptoms, drive straight to Unit 1 S.M.D. Court, Miners Road, Llay Wrexham, LL12 0PJ for prompt assistance.

Rattling Metallic Sound

If you hear a rattling noise coming from your car’s chassis, it is due to the hanging tailpipes or any leakage. Make sure to contact us at the earliest.

Diminished Fuel Efficiency

Did you know damaged exhaust components affect the engine’s performance? So, if you notice your car is consuming more fuel, this can be due to a malfunctioning exhaust system.

White And Blue Smoke

This happens due to the burnt oil in the exhaust system. Though white smoke is normal, if it continues for a prolonged period, visit us at the earliest. Also, if you find excessive dark or even blue smoke from the tailpipe, make sure to reach out to us for prompt solutions.

Compromised Acceleration And Power

Faulty exhaust parts significantly interrupt the engine functionalities. As a result, you may find difficulties in accelerating smoothly.

This happens as the engine fails to generate sufficient power in the process.

Why Us?

An optimally functioning automotive exhaust system is crucial for the environment, the vehicle occupants as well as fuel mileage. As it directly impacts the overall car performance, you must opt for a routine exhaust service Wrexham to ensure optimum vehicle performance.

Our facility hosts advanced tools and a team of highly-proficient technicians with hands-on experience attending to all major car makes and models.

Further, to understand the exact discrepancy, they thoroughly examine different exhaust components, such as:

Manifold Gasket

It connects the exhaust system to the engine and collects exhaust gases, kiting them into one pipe.

Oxygen Sensors

The system comprises two sensors, one installed after the manifold gasket and the other after the catalytic converter.

Catalytic Converter

Equipped after the manifold gasket, it channels out toxic gases such as NOx, CO, and carbon soot from the system.

They also inspect the other components, including:

  • Silencer
  • Resonator
  • Tail Pipe, etc.

Then, they will explain the issue and seek your consent to proceed with the necessary replacement services.

Note: We only install OE-grade spares to ensure optimal service life.

Happy with our offerings?

Then schedule an online appointment for exhaust service Wrexham with your vehicle’s registration number today!

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